Full Moon Party

Back on the beach, a psychedelic pygmy tribe was at war with itself, enraptured in revelry under a psytrance beat, lights exploding with sonic booms sweeping the waves back from the shore under the watchful gaze of a trio of giant praying mantises.  In the flickering light, the mighty insect-gods swayed and raised their hooked limbs in praise, mandibles chewing the stars.  A flurry of whirling neon poi and frenetic ecstatic dancing, tossing fireballs and fluorescent shards to one another as they leaped and gyrated together, undulating to the irresistible thud of the tribal rhythm spilling from shanty-clubs of driftwood and corrugated iron. Sirens from the sea turned somersaults on the sands, silhouetted against the shimmering shores.

            On the cliff-side above the emerald star, Az climbed hand over fist through the rocks, driven on by the pulse of the music, by the drive of his heart.  Tonight was the night. The moon above, the sea of people worshipping the goddess below.  Hauling himself over the final ledge, he stood atop the rocks and steadied himself as the wind whipped his cape about him.

            Steadying and readying, he turned towards the precipice a cavalcade of stars surrounding the lunar disc ahead.  It hung in the sky like a luminescent tetrahedron, a corona of six points erupting from its core, a blinding silver sunspot scarring his iris.  This was the great leap of faith, the final, the ultimate, the night he learned to fly.

            Sweeping his cape over one shoulder, he lowered himself into the starting position.

            Below, the bass cut from the music, leaving only an ascending scale of synth notes rising into the eternal.  His heart kept time, a metronome of regular beats, driving him on.

            Inhaling, he sucked in the universe into his muscle, into his circulation, charging himself with the cosmos. 

            He felt his charkas beginning to glow, third eye opening, connecting up with his crown, throat, heart. A rainbow of colours rippling down his body, multiplying through his veins. A giant, glowing OM burned within his chest, reaching out to the ends of the universe, transforming everything into bliss and emptiness.

            Exhaling, he launched himself forward.  Feet pounding the earth, bare skin moulding over the rocks, gripping the ground, charging himself forward, propelling towards the precipice, towards infinity and beyond.

            It raced towards him, the moon and the stars growing impossibly large as the music crescendoed and the mantises raised their limbs in battle readiness, mandibles snapping at one another, showering the frenzied pygmies below in lurid excretions.

            The edge vanished underfoot, and Az bursts into Astroman, soaring from the clifftop into the corolla of stars.


~ by mightyjahj on January 10, 2009.

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