Astroman’s Dream

I had had a dream I had had a family a wife with a crescent smile and eyes like stars, a daughter embodying Hope.  A noble dog, with a glorious ruff like a mane and a gait of vigour like Lassie.

In my dream, the nuclear familial bliss had gone underwhelmingly supernova when my harlot wife had taken to masturbating whilst watching loyal Lassie nobly poop, haughtily squatting hunched in the garden.  My daughter simply erased herself from history after her first day at school.  It turned into one of those dreams you were incessantly a part of, but could do nothing but be horrendously bored with.  Exasperated at the tedium of my own subconscious, I waited patiently to wake up and begin a new day.


~ by mightyjahj on January 30, 2009.

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