Dramatis Personae

ASTROMAN: a superhero with memory loss, who, finding himself trapped on a beach in Thailand by his adversaries, strives daily to reactivate his powers of flight by flinging himself off a clifftop into the sea whilst supercharged on magic mushrooms.

AZ: Astroman’s costumeless alter-ego, sweet Az also suffers amnesia, self-induced and gladly maintained with a heavy dosage of alcohol, psilocybin and marijuana.

YEOH BOONMEE: the owner of the Hippy Beach Bar, and Az’s generous sponsor. He has looked after the rather strange farang for many moons, and continues to do so as part of his own self-inflicted penitence for a dark and sordid past in Bangkok. The many tattoos, needle-scars and knife-cuts speak of a life of violent excess.


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